Welcome to Calpus kennel pages! We are breeding smooths and wires in miniature and standard sizes. Our aim is breeding healthy, socialized, well structured dogs according to the FCI standard. Calpus is more than a kennel, we are a community, willing to help and share. Please feel free to CONTACT us. To stay up to date about our life, news, success, please fill out the form for mailing list.
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Calpus team

CH Norden Liht Your Lillith

Croatian Junior Champion – CHM HR
Croatian Show Champion – CHI HR
Club Winner 2012

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Lovers of the month!

The Calpus team is a family. It consists of more than us five, but we’re the core, the pillars. Calpus is every dog bred in our kennel, and its owner(s).

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Mali cupavi

Testing, testing.. oooo.. testing

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