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About us

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The Calpus team is a family. It consists of more than us five, but we’re the core, the pillars. Calpus is every dog bred in our kennel, and its owner(s). Calpus is every dog loving friend, and those that were helping us all these years. Calpus is every night spent awake while waiting for a birth, each phone call in the middle of the night seeking for help, each tear lost for our little ones… Cause with every loss we are saying goodbye to one of our family member.

Damir Vukelic

Longterm dachshund lover
Owner of the kennel

calpus_about_us_damirThe only one to blame for our addiction. My dad had dogs before, but once when I asked him ‘Why Dachunds?’ he replied ‘I was searching for a small hunting dog that can live outside and yet have a big heart.’ He browsed literature and the more he read, the more he was falling for Dachshunds. So the decision was made in the late 80-ies, and he brought Koni home. Unfortunately she was hit by a car and left us too soon. But then Cita came, and enriched our lives for wonderful 18 years! We grew up with her, and since then all our dogs are part of our family.
My dad is retired, and enjoys being grandpa for his two beloved grandkids, he takes that job very seriously! As much as he takes it seriously being a guardian and protector to our little girls. He takes them for a walk, goes with them to the vet, takes care about their nutrition, thus creating the most powerful bond with them.

Marija Vukelic

Longterm dachshund lover
Co-owner of the kennel


My mom is a TOTAL support for all our ideas, and she’s the main belly kisser in our family, but also the voice of reason. And by support I mean.. if we go to a dog show, she’s the one who takes care that we actually take everything. Because the rest of the family only takes dogs, passports (if?) and applications. Oh, but my mom, she takes tissues, wet tissues, paper towels, leashes, collars, blankets, additional clean blankets, toothbrushes, toothpaste, clothes, maps, food, toothpicks, all the things we need, all the things we might need, all the thing we actually don’t need, but you never know.. etc.. so.. Let’s just put it like this, she’s our LOGISTICS.

Amalka Vukelic

Longterm dachshund lover

While my dad is the reason we love Dachshunds, my older sister is the reason we’re into BREEDING. She imported Viola from the well known German kennel von Rauhenstein. Together they achieved remarkable results. One show after the other, one trial after the other and we were so deep into it that there was no way out. So it became our way of life. In the meanwhile Amalka finished the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, defending her thesis about PRA at the Department of Animal Science. She’s a married mom of Gaspar and Agata, our future kennel’s hopes. She owns a hunting license, as hunting is an important part of our family tradition.

Maja Rasic

Web designer & Photographer

Witty and unpredictable, totally different from everyone else with a strong affection to Dachshunds. She’s the creative one in our team, the one with crazy ideas to which we reply with ‘Ok, when do we start?’ Maja is the author of (mostly) all our pictures and she keeps our web page on and up to date. Currently studying IT. She has standard smooths, and her first dog Mylo (aka Mile) is widely known. Everybody loves Mylo! Which I think, says a lot about his owner. At the moment in her house rule three standard doxies: Izzy, the youngest, Oops the middle child, and of course Mile.

Petra Vukelic

Longterm dachshund lover

And then there’s me at the end. I am crazy about Dachshunds, and I especially like my Calpus family. I am the youngest adult human in our team, and I give support regarding the creative and the breeding aspect. When I say I give support on the creative aspect it means I hold the flash while Maja takes pictures. And for the breeding part, together with Maja and Amalka, we’re scrutinizing every single Dachshunds pedigree that exists, and then we’re discussing the possible outcomes and the best combinations. I also finished the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, and I posses a hunting license.

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